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Spring Baby Lamb Note Cards
These are our baby lambs. They are full grown sheep now, and still cute.
Individual note cards, 4 1/4 x 5 1/2, come in protective sleeve with a fancy linen envelope.
Note cards, blank inside, are printed on 12 pt card stock. Packet of all eight lamb cards is $19.95
Each card is $3.50. Mix and match: email me "" with your selection of seven cards.
You can choose cards from other sets.
Click on the image to enlarge the note card and add to your shopping basket. You can choose from two convenient payments: google or paypal.

card #1

no text
card #2

"How do I take a sip?"
card #3

no text
card #4

"Got milk?"
card #5

no text
card #6

"Lost again"
card #7

no text
card #8

"Waiting for mom to take us home"
card #9

no text
card #10

"Afternoon nap"
card #11

no text
card #12

"I am not playing anymore"
card #13

no text
card #14

Lamb card - no text
card #15

Collection of all 8 cards

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