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The Zen of Socks Instructional DVD!

This is a great tool for a knitting novice and also for an experience knitter. You will learn how to knit and continue on to learn sock knitting techniques. I am an avid knitter, and I am also an award winning filmmaker, web and graphic designer. I combine these passions into one great video. The Instructional DVD consists of over 1 hour and 40 minutes of clear visual instructions. Dvd is divided into 8 sections, all easily accessible from the top menu. To your left is a short sample (cast on and the fabulous kitchener stitch) to see how easy it is too follow the instructions. After purchase you will be also emailed a pdf file with step by step instructions.

New: Special Gift Edition. Includes The Zen of Socks DVD, tiny hand knitted sock pin, gauge card, and a fabulous note card especially designed for knitters.

A happy customer's comment: "Watched this video and I found a number of tips that will help not only with my sock knitting but other knitting projects as well! Great job."
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Receive one free knitting inspired greeting card with every DVD order.
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There are two convenient options to pay: google or paypal. Happy knitting!
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Dvd: $19.95 (Free shipping)

Special Gift Edition
$29.95 (
Free shipping)

How to knit socks

"I just wanted to tell you how much I like the DVD and to thank you for introducing me (and the world) to knitting socks.
It really helps me to focus and to feel that I am accomplishing something,
and I love to have nice socks to wear that I made myself."

Sarah, Portland Oregon

"As an elder-knitter, after a long absence, I am interested in small projects,
and more comfortable feet. The DVD is wonderful, inspirational, and personal"

Cat-lover-Beth, Anchorage, Alaska

The Sock Dvd is really helpful. I already have the first half of a what looks like a sock on the way.
Best Wishes, Erynn
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